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August CMP flyer

Posted by Raymond Goin on July 29, 2017 at 6:50 AM

Foosland Sportsmen’s Club

CMP Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military and Modern Military Service Rifle Clinic and Match



Date: Saturday April 15, 2017

Sunday August13, 2017


Time: Clinic - 8:00am until noon.

Match - 1:00pm until done

Registration: Pre registration is required. $20 fee. Limit of 30 participants. Reserve the right to split into two sessions if more than 30 registrants. Contact Jeff Porter for registration. 


Foosland Sportsmen’s Club – Illinois Route 47, 4 miles North of US Route 136 near Fisher and Gibson City IL.


Clinic Program:

An Introduction to CMP Service Rifle Competition and Basic Marksmanship.


Service Rifles are the iron sighted battle rifles that have been used by the US and foreign military around the world. We will focus on the principles of shooting as they apply to Service Rifles at known distance targets and CMP competition. The rifles most often used in competition are the M-1 Garand, 1903 Springfield rifles, M1 carbines, M1A/M14 and AR-15 rifles. Many other iron sight bolt action and semi-automatic rifles will fall into this category and can be used to compete.


This Clinic is being taught by a CMP Certified Master Instructor. The course will cover basic marksmanship skills and specific details of Service Rifle competition including:

CMP History and Current Programs

Safety and Range Procedures

Rifle and Equipment

Technique of Firing Accurate Shots

Prone, Sitting and Standing Positions

Principles of Sight Adjustment

Rapid Fire Firing Techniques

Garand Match Course of Fire

Shooting a Match, Pulling Targets

Live fire practice – 20 rounds needed.

Match: John C. Garand Course A - 30 round match


Registration starting at 12:30pm. No Pre- registration required. 10 firing points per relay.








1. Current CMP rules apply.

2. “As issued” following CMP service rifles rules: Garand, Springfield, M1 Carbine, Vintage and foreign military and Modern Military rifle class. Open class available for all others including scoped rifles. Garand Match shooters are given priority in squadding.

3. 40 rounds (10 sighters and 30 match).

4. No national match equipment on rifles. (NM rifles will shoot in open class)

5. Participants may be asked to score/change targets.

6. All participants must wear eye and ear protection.

7. This match satisfies the “high power activity” requirement for M1 Garand purchase(s) from CMP.

8. Course of fire will be at 100 yards, CMP “John C. Garand” course A (see below).


Stage Target Course of fire Number of shots

Sighters SR-1 Sighting in period 10 in 10 minutes


1 SR-1 Slow fire, Prone 10 in 10 Minutes


2 SR-1 Rapid fire, Prone from 10 in 70 seconds



3 SR-1 Slow fire, Standing 10 in 10 minutes



Note: Scoring is 10 points/shot, total possible score is 300.


Entry Fee: $5.00 FSC Members, $10.00 Non Members


Re-entry (Re-fires) $5.00 as space allows.



30-06 ammo available for purchase:



A limited number of M1 Garand & 03 Springfield’s will be available for loaners.


Contact: Jeff Porter (217) 493-1041 after 6 p.m. or e-mail for more information.


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