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Shutzenfest Dawn L Bauer Memorial Shoot

Posted by Raymond Goin on September 10, 2019 at 11:15 AM

Foosland Sportsmen’s Club 2nd Annual Schützenfest


Dawn L. Bauer Memorial Shoot

1200-1700HR 29 September 2019


4 Trophies Awarded in these Classes;

Rimfire Any Metallic Sight

Rimfire Scoped Rifle

Centerfire Any Metallic Sight

Centerfire Scoped Rifle


$10.00 per Relay, No Buy In On Relay Already Shot This is a Centerfire 100 yard & Rimfire 25 yard “Benchrest Event” it is a ‘Run what you Brung’ Ironman Shoot of any Safe Centerfire or Rimfire Rifle.

Order of Fire:

Match will be fired, cold barrel without the opportunity of sight-in shots

100 yard Match will be shot on 2 Official NRA SR1 High Power Rifle Targets.

25 yard Match will be shot on 2 Official NRA B3Targets.

Relay will be a timed match of 10 Minutes with 20 rounds scored

10 rounds on each of the 2 targets

Match will be shot supported forward by bags or bi-pod, rear by the shooter in any manner with only the shooters body from a seated position at the bench no Lead Sled Type Fixtures will not be permitted, Centerfire 100 yard & Rimfire 25 yard

Valid Illinois State FOID Card is required, Safety Briefing is required, and Signed Range Waiver is required at sign in.

Alcohol is not permitted on the Club Grounds

Safety Briefings will be conducted at:



Please contact; Ronald Beatty at 217-417-3552 or ( for any further information.

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